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PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing, Bexley

PPC is Pay Per Click advertising that is used on search engines and social media platforms, and it is the most common form of online advertising.

PPC allows you to promote your service or product on search engines by promoting certain keywords or phrases. Each keyword has a certain cost involved and essentially with PPC advertising you are ‘outbidding’ your competitors in order to gain the audience instead of them.

Having a team of experienced, trained and dedicated advertising managers we understand and appreciate that it is not just the amount of money you put into the campaign, we work hard to ensure that the search terms used to promote you, the advertising campaign and your landing page content are all relevant and integrate well together giving you the highest chance to appear alongside your competitors.

  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of results*

We create, test and maintain comprehensive and enhanced PPC campaigns,ensuring that your advertisement campaign is at the right quality to attract visitors to your website.

*Search Engine Journal - Apr 2012